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I lead the television experience within Google Now.

Google Now brings you the information you want, when you need it. Sign in and Google Now seamlessly brings you customized, highly relevant information. You control the settings that determine the information Google Now provides.

Your information is automatically organized into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed.

The ‘What to watch’ cards make personalized and time sensitive TV and VOD watch recommendations for the users when they are staying in. While the complimentary ‘TV cards’ can help unlock more information about what you’re watching. Google Now will show you information, like where you’ve seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people, music or topics mentioned in the show.

The TV card experience is prompted by asking Google with the voice command ‘What’s on my TV?’. Also, if Google Now detects a Smart Internet-connected TV on the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone automatically a card will appear asking “Watching TV?” tapping this card shows predictive search results for the show playing – information about the people, music, the topics discussed and more.

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Note currently US only.

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